Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Return of Ten on Tuesday!

1. This week marks a month of meal planning. I know what you're thinking- 'so what?' or " DUH!". I decided one day ( about a month ago, ha ha) to use everything we had in the house and plan meals around that. I know, more "duh!"... but b/c my husband works odd hours and for a bunch of other reasons, its been easy to just whip up something quick for Madeline and myself come dinner time. I let my husband fend for himself most of the time. But this has been awesome- I've been losing weight w/o trying, Madeline is eating new things and my husband comes home to a nice hot meal. Well, after he micrwaves it. I should have channeled my 1950's housewife sooner.

2. I'm trying to re-do my blog. I've been neglecting it b/c it easier to post pictures on facebook. But then I realized that I was missing out on the little moments and stories that comprise madeline at 3.5. this is her baby book, pretty much. I had to update the picture and I want to change over to another blog that allows you to post larger pictures... I'll have to look into it

3. Madeline is 2 months into school and LOVES it.

4. I'm getting the itch to do some Xmas shopping. I've already finished my neices, but I leave madeline for right about now. I have some good ideas for the in-laws, my parents and everyone else too. I love this time of year.

5. Speaking of this time of year, lets talk Halloween. Next week , we are invited to three Halloween events. I am hoping Madeline wears her costume. When we first got it, it was too itchy, so I fixed it. By "I" , I mean " I took it to a tailor to fix it" But it came out so cute and I hope she wears it. Really looking forward to her Halloween parade at school.

6. I am continuing my own summer reading club. I've read about 25 books since the beginning of June. I am reading Kathy Griffins memoir. Its hysterical.

7. Going this weekend to meet my baby cousin Ayanna. Can't wait to hold a newborn. well, month old.

8. 4 nights out of 7 Madeline is going ot bed all by herslef. its great in some ways... I have spent way too many night on her floor waiting for her to sleep... but b/c I'm crazy, it makes me sad too. Ugh, motherhood. It messes you up good.

9. soccer has been... well we've only had one game. 2 rainouts and one holiday weekend. madeline did well the first time, but who knows about the next time. we'll see.

10. some pictures? Of course
Maddie and her Punkinshe wrote her name all by herself( !!!)

After three and a half years, I finally see SOME of me in her.

and look how long her hair is getting

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hacksearch said...

she is cute.. nice GOD bless her.